Friday, September 13, 2019

Different Styles in Movies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Different Styles in Movies - Essay Example The essay "Different Styles in Movies" investigates such movie styles as Soviet Montage, Surrealism, German Expressionism and Impressionism. Equally important is the use of dream sequence to penetrate in to the layers of mind – conscious and subconscious. This style the focuses on the characters’ state of mind, impression of feelings and emotions rather than on the plot or drama of the story. Cinematography and editing are used to illustrate the state of mind, and dream sequences are used to reflect on the conscience. The wide use of impressionist methods is so palpable in Francis Ford Coppola’s film, that brought the internalized life of a detached expert ‘bugger’ Hary Caul on the scene. He would pass for a modern recluse, donned with headphones, holding an extended shot gun microphone. He probes into the private life of Ann and Mark. The film revealed contradictions in the inner and outer life of the protagonist through the subtle emotions on his f ace, physical movements, and also in his dialogue which intermittently gets spiced with silence. The camera opens with a bird’s-eye-view on the busy lunch time at Union Square in downtown San Francisco, with frames having visual details of pedestrians, workers on lunch break, and Christmas shoppers. There emerges the cadence of street musician’s concert which gets mingled with the gruff and hoarse noise produced by certain mechanical devices in the street. The inner conflicts of the character are illustrated through the varying degrees of music and cacophony.

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