Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Autobiographical Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Autobiographical Paper - Assignment ExampleThe 1939 movie has its basis on Margaret Mitchells novel of a same name published in 1936. Among the different movies that I have watched, Gone with the Wind remains the most outstanding. The impact, which the film made in my perception of invigoration and all its challenges continue to last. Flemings Gone with the Winds most appealing aspect is its thematic approach. Despite being old and produced in 1939, the film remains influential in my life to date. It expresses the need for courage as the best look of surviving through times of crises in life. The movies approach to life is that it is characteristic of conflicts. In the movie, Fleming depicts conflicts in life through characters experience during the American Civil War period. Despite all the challenges of life, there is a need that people hold on by never giving up. The movie, therefore, emphasizes hope as a virtue that can keep people going. Flemings expression of the virtue of hope in life renders the movie influential in life. Based on the characters conduct, it is clear that determination is a sure way achieve every goal that an individual desires.Based on the movies themes, I established a fundamental life principle of fortitude in the face of challenges after watching Flemings Gone with the Wind movie. The principles are invaluable to everyone regardless of gender, age, religion, or orientation in life. The movie, therefore, exceeds the limitations of time and lives on to represent the past and the present. The film explores essential characteristics of roaring people by highlighting that there are always challenges along the path of all successful people. Perhaps an individual could be unaware that great leaders must learn to endure challenges that emanate from experiences. It is unprecedented that there will be a movie to remain relevant through history and inspirational to viewers in the same way as Flemings

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