Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Public Finance as the Collection of Funds Assignment

Public Finance as the Collection of Funds - Assignment Example The Public Finance and Trade Program at United Nations for Training and Research provide online education that covers important issues that are developing currently. These issues cover key areas of public financial management and intellectual property. This program focuses on expanding and enriching the government and private companies, specifically enriching the intellectual know-how of interested individuals. The program is done through e-learning, thus making learning much easier and convenient. This program only requires the student to have a computer with internet access, to be allowed to attend the virtual classes  (Ware, 2014). Thus, the e-learning courses allow participants get educated at the comfort of their computers and around their schedule. In addition to this, they achieve high-quality training, and international networking and collaboration among the participants are also enhanced the online learning. Each course of e-learning takes into consideration the requirements of people participating from developing countries and emerging economies. Basically, the e-learning center is composed of high broadband Wi-Fi complex. Through e-learning and incorporation of compulsory courses such as entrepreneurship, the students are educated on how to fair in job markets and on how to startup businesses. The e-learning course is applied through registration, technical requirements, and profiles of e-course moderators. Once a person has registered, the institution is required to send the password and username of all accepted participants, via email together with other instructions for accessing the course. The course fee should be made before one starts the course. According to Ware (2014), it is evident that e-learning is used in developing the economy by offering e-payment standard services.  

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